School Bus Request Form

Please complete the information below to request a place on a bus for your daughter in 2024-25. Please let us know which of our current stops you would like. If you have a preferred alternative that we do not currently stop at, please also let us know and we will see if this is possible. Due to demand, we are planning to expand our transport from September 2024, with new routes from Frinton and Ipswich and an extended service towards Sudbury. Stops will depend on interest but may include Great Bentley, Frating, Wivenhoe, Capel St Mary, East Bergholt, Dedham and Leavenheath. Please refer to the current transport information for an indication of costs.
Please ensure you provide telephone contact details of the person who will drop off or collect your child, in order that we can contact them in case of any delay or unexpected change to the service.
I / We request a place on the School Bus for the child named above. I / We recognise that on confirmation by the School that my child has been allocated a place on the School Bus, a contract will come into effect between me / us and the School, based upon the terms of the School Bus Service letter to parents, the School Bus Request Form and the School Bus Terms and Conditions.
I / We understand that we may cancel this agreement at any time within 14 days of the date of on which the School confirms that my child has been allocated a place on the School Bus. In other circumstances, I / we may only cancel this agreement in accordance with the School Bus Terms and Conditions.
I / We declare as individuals and jointly that:
1. School Bus Terms and Conditions: Before signing this acceptance form I / we have read and understood and I / we agree to the School Bus Terms and Conditions, which will undergo reasonable change from time to time. I / We have retained a copy of the School Bus Terms and Conditions for our records.
2. Cancellation: Except where the cancellation rights described above apply or where otherwise provided in the School Bus Terms and Conditions; I / we acknowledge that any cancellation of my / our child's use of the School Bus must be based upon a term's written notice, or paying a term's School Bus Fees in accordance with the School Bus Terms and Conditions. Notice must be emailed to
3. Confirmation of declarations: I / We confirm that the declarations made on this form are true.

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Additional places now available

Due to increasing demand at St Mary’s, additional places are now available from September.


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