Activities & Enrichment

Learning doesn’t only take place in the classroom at St Mary’s. Pupils take part in a huge number of visits, clubs and activities, all designed to increase their understanding of the world and introduce them to new skills and interests.


Each year group benefits from a vast range of inspiring and educational visits, from theatre excursions to field trips, linked to the curriculum. Pupils learn about their local area with a focus on the rich history of Colchester as well as its geography and people.

Pupils also travel further afield to sites of relevance to their learning. Residential trips in Year 5 and 6 are a highlight with friendships cemented and memories made! There’s also the opportunity for Year 6 girls to join students from Year 7 at the Senior School on a ski trip.

Clubs and activities

From athletics to ballet, there are clubs and activities to suit all interests at St Mary’s. As well as sports, art, drama and music clubs, pupils can also try activities such as mindfulness, chess, gardening or Japanese. The full list of clubs available can be found below.


Our after-school sports clubs are well-liked, particularly tennis, multi-sports, cross-country running and football.


In Infant art, craft and sewing club the girls get creative, designing T-shirts, painting porcelain figures or making themed items such as Christmas decorations or Mother’s Day gifts. Junior craft club is an opportunity for the older girls to develop their creative flair and learn new skills and techniques.


The Infant and Lower Junior Drama Clubs are run by Karen Binks of Theatre Arts Academy, who works with the girls to present a series of small productions throughout the year. Our very popular after-school Upper Junior drama club stages a spring term production.

The school also has a link with an experienced local LAMDA Speech and Drama teacher, who offers lessons after school in preparation for LAMDA Speech and Drama examinations, in which many of our girls enjoy tremendous success.


A team of experienced peripatetic music teachers offer individual lessons in a range of instruments. These are taken in school time and charged separately by the teacher. At present, lessons in flute, clarinet, saxophone, violin, guitar, piano and drums are on offer. The teachers prepare and enter pupils for the Associated Board, Trinity/Guildhall examinations.

Our orchestra and singing club give the girls a great opportunity to come together, also joining with our Senior School choirs and orchestra to practice and for key events.


3.00-3.25pm Activity Time Prep-Year 2
3.00-4.30pm Infant Drama Prep-Year 2
3.30-4.30pm Karate Year 3-6
3.30-6.00pm After School Care Year 2-6


12.40-1.15pm Athletics Club Year 3-6
12.45 – 1.15pm Samba Year 5-6
12.45-1.15pm Netball Year 4 (Year 3 invite only)
3.00-4.00pm Infant Art and Craft Club Year 1-2
3.00-3.25pm Activity Time Prep- Year 2
3.30-4.30pm Japanese Club Year 4-6
3.30-4.30pm Junior Lego Club Year 3-6
3.30-4.30pm English Speaking Board Debating Club Year 5-6
3.30-4.30pm Cheerleading Year 3-6
3.30-4.30pm After School Care Year 2-6


12.45-1.15pm Singing Club Year 3-6
12.45-1.15pm Strings Group Invitation only
3.00-3.25pm Activity Time Prep- Year 2
3.30-4.30pm Mindfullness Club Year 3-4
3.30-5.00pm Junior Drama Year 3-6
3.30-4.30pm Netball Year 5-6
3.30-4.30pm Junior Craft Club Year 4-6
3.30-5.00pm Art Club Year 4-6
3.30-6.00pm After School Care Year 2-6


8.40-9.10am Netball Squad Training Year 5-6 (invite only)
12.40-1.15pm Football Year 3-6
12.45-1.15pm Orchestra Year 3-6
3.00-3.25pm Activity Time Prep- Year 2
From 3pm onwards Ballet Prep upwards
3.00-4.00pm Infant Lego Club Year 1-2
3.30 – 4.30pm Gardening Club Year 3-6
3.30-4.45pm Kitchen Club Year 3-6
3.30-6.00pm After School Care Year 2-6


12.40-1.15pm Tennis Year 3-6
3.00-3.25pm Activity Time Prep- Year 2
3.00-4.00pm Karate Year 1-2
3.30-6.00pm After School Care Year 2-6

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