Fees at St Mary’s represent good value for money and are competitive. We strive to keep fee increases to a minimum while still providing our pupils with the quality of education we and our students’ parents expect.

Kindergarten fees can be found at the bottom of this page.

We endeavour to be open and transparent with fees, to clearly outline what is included and what are potentially additional costs. St Mary’s School fees are inclusive of:

  • accident insurance
  • lunch and drinks (including milk in the Lower School)
  • certain books are included in the fees, but there are some additional books (depending on the subjects) that do incur an extra cost
  • extra tuition and learning support are also included in school fees

Additional fees or ‘extras’ include:

  • Entry fees for external examinations are not included and are payable separately on application. This is normal at most independent schools.
  • Private music lessons are available for singing, all string, woodwind and brass instruments, guitar and drums. The fees range between £15-£20 per session,  payable to the individual music teacher.
  • Breakfast Club, £2.75
  • Homework Club, £2.50
  • There are some extra-curricular activities that incur an additional cost (eg ballet, tennis etc). These costs will be outlined before pupils sign up.
  • Some trips, both optional and part of the curriculum, incur a cost.
Preparatory Class Part-time in proportion but a minimum charge of £2,380
Preparatory Class Full-time, Years 1 & 2 £3,395
Years 3 & 4 £3,915
Years 5 & 6 £4,215
Years 7, 8 & 9 £4,940
Years 10 & 11 £5,145

There are three terms per academic year.

There is a range of ways for parents to pay their fees. More details can be found below.

Payment of fees

Fees are payable in advance by the first day of each term. There is a range of ways for parents to pay their fees, including termly cheque, bank transfer or direct debit.

You can also spread your fees and pay monthly through My School Fee Plan, 0% APR.

My School Fee Plan

Parents who wish to pay several years’ fees in advance, may be able to take advantage of a discount and should contact the Finance Office for a quote.

A single Entry Deposit of £400 is required on acceptance of a place and is refunded after the end of a pupil’s final term in the school, following final adjustments.

Financial assistance

Bursaries and Senior School Scholarships are available. Please contact the school for information or visit the Scholarships and Bursaries page. Additionally, parents may wish to contact an Independent Financial Adviser who can provide you with information on relevant savings’ schemes.

Scholarships & Bursaries

Annual changes to fees

Please note that fees are reviewed every Summer term.

Kindergarten sessions and pricing from 1 September 2020

(may be subject to review)


Core Day (inc cooked lunch)
Core Day with Free Entitlement (inc cooked lunch)
Morning (inc cooked lunch)
8:30am- 1:30pm
Morning with Free Entitlement (inc cooked lunch)
£3.75 (lunch cost only)

* A booking of five Core Days per week attracts a reduction in the Core Day fee. Please ask for further details.


Early Start (inc breakfast)
7:30am- 8:30am
Extended Stay 1
Extended Stay 2 (inc tea)
Extended Stay 3** (inc tea)

** a minimum of 48 hours’ notice is required.

Fees payment

Fees are invoiced monthly in advance for regular booked sessions, while any ad hoc sessions are invoiced with the following month’s fees.

Free entitlement

Three- and four-year-olds are entitled to 15 hours of free early education each week during term time. This free entitlement is paid from the beginning of the term after your child turns three. To find out more about the Government’s Early Education Entitlement, please click the link below:

Early Education Entitlement

We offer the 15 free hours over three morning sessions and as free entitlement does not apply to Kindergarten lunches, sessions and lunches are itemised separately on the fee invoice.

Unfortunately St Mary’s Kindergarten does not currently offer the extended 30-hour entitlement.

Childcare Vouchers

The Government closed the Childcare Voucher Scheme for new applicants from 4 October 2018. St Mary’s will continue to deal with all approved providers of Childcare Vouchers for existing Scheme members. Please contact our Finance Office on 01206 572544 to discuss your particular requirements.

Help with Childcare Costs

Tax-Free Childcare Scheme

We are able to accept payment via the Government’s Tax-Free Childcare Scheme. For further details please click on this link: https://www.gov.uk/help-with-childcare-costs/tax-free-childcare

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