Aims & Ethos

At St Mary’s, our vision is to empower girls to thrive at St Mary’s and beyond.

Using our expertise in educating girls and the latest research, we empower girls by inspiring them to see the world as one of limitless possibilities and by equipping them with the knowledge, experiences and skills needed to thrive at St Mary’s and beyond. We do this in an environment designed specifically for girls. One that is safe in every respect – to experiment and question, to take risks and follow passions, to innovate and lead. One that is free from judgement and stereotypes, and full of respect and support.

St Mary’s aims:

  • To provide an ambitious, girl-centred education
  • To foster high aspirations and a bold attitude
  • To create a compassionate culture where every girl is known, supported and understood
  • To develop pupils’ understanding of the world so they become dynamic and engaged global citizens
  • To promote intellectual curiosity and an enquiring mindset

“Pupils’ academic and other achievements are excellent, in confirmation of the school’s aspiration to help pupils develop creative flair, sporting prowess and other talents”

From ISI inspection report 2023 - rated 'excellent'

St Mary’s values:


  • strive for excellence
  • show determination to succeed
  • see the world as one full of limitless possibilities


  • have confidence in your abilities
  • be courageous
  • exhibit a willingness to take positive risks


  • show kindness, support and respect towards every individual
  • be community minded and globally aware
  • demonstrate a commitment to protecting the environment


  • adopt a positive mindset
  • be imaginative and innovative
  • productively challenge and drive positive change


  • be curious, investigate and constructively question
  • be proactive in discovering new interests
  • seize opportunities to broaden your knowledge

Watch our film to see the St Mary’s values in action.

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