Aims & Ethos

At St Mary’s, our aims and ethos underpin all that we do at the school and enrich life in the Kindergarten, Lower School and Senior School.

At St Mary’s, we are totally committed to providing your child with an education that will prove to be a solid foundation for a whole lifetime of personal fulfilment. For young people to thrive, learn and achieve, they must feel content, relaxed and secure. At St Mary’s each individual is known and understood and there is a culture in the school community – our staff as well as our pupils – of caring for each other, celebrating successes and working through difficulties. In this environment, our young people develop the strength of character and the self-confidence they need to make the very most of the life that lies ahead.

At St Mary’s School we aim to:

  • tailor the education of our pupils so that they are understood, supported and
    encouraged to thrive
  • provide a happy atmosphere in which the pupils can enjoy school and develop a love
    of learning
  • provide exceptional pastoral care so that pupils can be challenged and developed
  • encourage all pupils to find and develop their creative flair, their sporting prowess and
    the other talents and interests which add enjoyment and achievement to life both at
    school and into adulthood
  • instil the important values of respect and courtesy that will stand them in good stead
    throughout their lives
  • encourage our pupils to be active, to voice their opinions and to develop a ‘have-a-go’
    attitude, preparing them for success in our ever-changing world
  • give pupils experience of being active members of a caring community conveying
    the broad, Christian ethos of the school

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