Technology plays a large part in our students’ education and they are taught to make use of its benefits, while remaining safe. The school has invested a substantial amount into upgraded IT suites and a highly filtered school-wide Wi-Fi network that students can access from their own ipads.

Please ensure that you complete and sign the ‘Acceptable Use Agreement’ when your daughter joins the school.

We have a Bring Your Own (BYO) device policy at St Mary’s. With iPads being part of the equipment list, every student has access to a device and they can be used in all subjects, as appropriate, to enhance learning. Not only does this mean students have access to the Microsoft Office Suite whenever they need it, but also the Internet and Apps such as Maths Watch.

From making digital videos in Modern Foreign Languages to creating news reports in Geography and manipulating digital images in Art, iPads are used in many ways to enrich the curriculum.

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