Technology plays a large part in our students’ education and they are taught to make use of its benefits, while remaining safe.

Student online safety is of the utmost importance and students are taught through ICT and PSHEE lessons about the dangers that can be associated with being online.

The school has up-to-date ICT suites and a fully filtered school wide Wi-Fi network that students can access from their own iPads. All subjects make use of learning with an iPad as an integrated part of many lessons. iPad access is restricted to use within lesson time only and this is at the discretion of the teacher.

All students have access to their own school email account and an Office 365 account which incorporates 1TB of online cloud storage.

All homework is set through Microsoft Teams, this platform is also used for messaging classes, lesson content delivery and a way for students to submit online work.

All students are required to sign a Student Acceptable Use Agreement which outlines their responsibilities when using ICT both in and out of school.

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