Parents are welcome to send into school any specific medication their daughter might need, which is always kept safe in either a locked cabinet or a fridge in the school office.


Our school caters for students with sensitivity to allergens and other intolerances. Please ensure that you complete and sign the ‘Allergens and Intolerances’ form when your daughter joins the school. If your daughter has no allergens or intolerances, please still complete the form with her name and stating ‘Not Applicable’, to complete school records.


The school’s policy for the care of medically diagnosed asthma is available on the school website and has been devised with the help of health professionals and advice taken from the Asthma UK site. Once a student has been diagnosed as suffering from asthma, it is the parent’s responsibility to notify the school immediately so that the school can undertake to obtain further information regarding their daughter’s medical needs. A medical questionnaire will then be sent to parents for completion and returned to the school.

Parents must ensure:

  • That their daughter carries her inhaler with her at all times.
  • They provide the school with spare medication to be kept in the First Aid Room.
  • They regularly check their daughter’s medication for ‘use by’ date, replacing it as and when necessary. The school will undertake the responsibility to check the medication kept in the First Aid Room. (Please note that all medication will be returned to students at the end of the academic school year. We would expect parents to return replacement
    in date medication at the beginning of the next school year.)
  • In the event of a school trip/activity off site, the parent will provide their daughter with their regular preventer. The students will be supervised using this twice daily.
  • Students will be expected to carry their own asthma medication, and administer this as and when they feel it is necessary.
  • Teaching staff are aware of the need for a student to leave class to take her medication as and when required.
  • A spare inhaler will be kept in the First Aid Room, to be provided by the parent, for use in emergencies.
  • Unless previously discussed with the Director of the Senior School, NO preventer inhalers are to be kept at school, or with the student – these include Qvar, Clenil Modulite, Becotide, Pulmicort, Seretide, Flixotide and generally any non-blue coloured inhalers.

Unless directed by a health professional, we would not expect a child to check their peak flows while at school.

In the event of emergency treatment being needed, this will be carried out as detailed on the Asthma UK Attack Card, a copy of which can be obtained from Asthma UK. If your daughter suffers from this condition, please ensure that you have completed and signed the ‘Asthma Procedure’ when she joins the school.

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