Head of Faculty – Languages

Madame Napolitano


From Year 7 onwards, we encourage our students to learn to identify and explore the impact of language, structure and context within a range of texts, varied by purpose, genre and form. Students learn to develop their written voice as well as the importance of developing expression and tone for the purposed aim and audience. Students develop their inference and deduction skills further and through interpretation of texts and extracts are encouraged to establish their own impressions and opinions. We strive to ensure our students are analytical and can deduce the effects of the writer’s craft as well as being confident with their own evaluation of character and theme. Within their writing, students will be able to form structured, technically accurate responses with clarity, interest and imagination.

We believe that our students deserve a broad and ambitious English curriculum, rich in skills and knowledge which ignites curiosity and prepares them well as young women in today’s society. We look to develop their character, including resilience, confidence and independence so that they are able to contribute positively to the life of the school and the wider St Mary’s community.

Modern Foreign Languages

In Modern Foreign Languages, students will be exposed to an exciting, broad, ambitious, and rich language experience and learn French, German and Spanish through familiar contexts which are age appropriate. They will consolidate their learning building on essential knowledge and skills communicating clearly, speaking confidently in public and using problem solving strategies.

Students will become increasingly independent in their use of grammar, vocabulary and phonics, using it in more sophisticated contexts and different time frames enabling students to automatise the language.

As students become more confident in using language they are exposed to longer texts and authentic material more regularly. We invariably visit the country of the language they study to put their learning into practice.

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