Pastoral Care

In our friendly, warm community, each girl is known , valued and cared for as an individual. As a relatively small school, with a staff dedicated to meeting the needs of each and every pupil , we are able to focus on ensuring that girls at St Mary’s have a happy school experience and leave with the confidence and skills to make the most of the life ahead. Mrs Adamson is our Assistant Director of Lower School (Pastoral). She supports pupils who need a little more ‘tender, loving care’, either academically or pastorally. Please speak to her if you have any concerns about your daughter.

In this supportive environment, girls receive the individual attention they need to make the most of their lessons and to be happy and engaged throughout the school day. They are able to build good relationships with their class teachers, so that if any concerns are raised they can be dealt with at an early stage. Class teachers support pupils in managing their friendships, helping them to understand the importance of valuing each other as individuals and developing the skills to work harmoniously together.

The well-being of every individual – pupil and staff member alike – is of paramount importance at St Mary’s and informs all that goes on at the school. In such a supportive, caring atmosphere, girls learn to be successful, while at the same time developing a sense of integrity and a strong empathy for those around them.

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