Medical and Absence

It is important that our school records are complete and up-to date in case we need to contact parents urgently. Please notify the Lower School Office straight away if there are any changes.

If your daughter is unwell

Please telephone the school by 9.30am if your daughter is unwell and will not be in school. In order to minimise the opportunity for infection within the school, please keep your daughter off for 48 hours if they have vomited or have had diarrhoea. A child starting a course of antibiotics must also be absent for 48 hours (unless this is part of an ongoing care plan to treat individual medical conditions e.g. asthma and the child is not unwell). This is because it is important that children are not subjected to the rigours of the school day, which requires socialising with other children and being part of a group setting, when they have first become ill and require a course of antibiotics.

Illness at school

If your daughter is ill during the school day she will be looked after in the medical room and you will be telephoned to collect her.

Other absences

If your daughter is to be absent for any other reason (for example, medicals or holidays) please contact the Head of Lower School to request a leave of absence either by letter or email as the school is required to keep a record. Similarly, if your daughter leaves the school during the day (for example, for a dental appointment), she must be signed out at the Lower School Office and then signed in again on her return.


Only medication prescribed by a doctor may be administered at school and it must be handed in to the Lower School Office and a permission form completed before it can be administered. Parents should please collect medication either at the end of each day or at the end of the course of treatment.

Medical needs

The parent of a child who requires an inhaler or an epi-pen must submit a Health Care Plan. These can be obtained via your doctor.

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