St Mary’s is a school committed to encouraging, developing, and celebrating excellence.

St Mary’s scholars – Academic, Art, Music, Drama, Games, Sports Excellence, STEM and All-round Scholarship (Miss Comrie) – are recognised throughout their time at the school and are offered opportunities to develop their talents within school and beyond; in return, their contribution to the rich and vibrant life of St Mary’s is welcomed. Scholars are subject to an annual review, which is usually a formality when a student has done her best to uphold the conditions of the scholarship. However, where the student fails to meet the expectations of a scholar in terms of effort, a scholarship can be withdrawn at the end of an academic year.

Each scholar is expected to act as a role model for other students, demonstrating a positive approach in lessons, taking a lead in relevant events and activities, representing the school at Open Days and external events and at all times acting as an ambassador for St Mary’s.

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Additional places now available

Due to increasing demand at St Mary’s, additional places are now available from September.


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