St Mary's Kindergarten, private nursery, Colchester, Essex

Site Access

We appreciate parents’ courtesy when bring their children to the Kindergarten, collecting them from it, or visiting during the school day. Parents are expected to set a good example to the children at all times.

Car park

The designated car park area for the Kindergarten is close to the Kindergarten building to the left of the main school buildings. This is for the use of parents and carers of Kindergarten children only. The car park design ensures that traffic flows well at busy times and parents must drive very slowly and carefully while on the school campus, for the safety of children and other parents. Parents must park considerately and sensibly in the correct areas.

Procedure if you are late or not picking up your son or daughter

Parents who know they will be late to collect their son or daughter from Kindergarten should contact the Kindergarten or School Office as soon as possible so that the child may be reassured.

If a child is to be collected by someone other than the usual adult, it is vitally important that Kindergarten, or the School Office, is informed as soon as possible so that the correct information is at hand at the end of the Kindergarten day. If a child has not been collected at the end of the day the Kindergarten staff will attempt to contact the child’s parent or carer to ascertain the whereabouts of the adult collecting. If a parent or carer cannot be contacted, Kindergarten staff will call the second contact. If a child is not collected after one hour of waiting and none of the contacts can be reached, the Kindergarten staff will apply the procedures for an ‘uncollected child’. The Uncollected Child policy can be found on the school website, or a paper copy obtained from the School Office.

Visiting the school during working hours

During the school day, all visitors (including parents) must enter the school by the main school gate and report to the School Office. This is crucial to ensure the children’s safety.

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