Code of Conduct

Students are expected to conduct themselves in line with the few ‘school rules’ that we have in place. We aim to provide a caring, friendly and safe environment, ensuring the wellbeing of all members of the community. Students have the right to feel safe at school. Bullying at St Mary’s will not be tolerated and any incidents that are reported to us are dealt with in line with the school policy (this can be found on the school website or via the St Mary’s app). Incidents of bullying are extremely rare in this school, but we must never be complacent and think it would never happen here. Bullying is defined as an action that is repeated over time and that intentionally hurts another student or group physically or emotionally. The term bullying is sometimes used inappropriately; it is important that students, staff and parents understand the correct meaning, so that we can all work together in the interests of all students.

Further information can be found via the St Mary’s school app or in the parents’ portal.

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Additional places now available

Due to increasing demand at St Mary’s, additional places are now available from September.


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