Specialist Sessions

Each day, the Kindergarten children take part in an activity, often led by a specialist teacher, that is designed to stimulate their bodies as well as their minds, and to help develop their personalities.


Singing and music form part of everyday life in the Kindergarten. However, a weekly music session is led by the school’s qualified music teacher and involves the children learning new songs as well as recalling nursery rhymes and playing percussion instruments.


The older children within the setting take part in fun, interactive sessions led by the school’s specialist French teacher, giving the children an introduction to a foreign language.


Children develop their communication skills and fine motor skills as well as using the language associated with weighing and measuring in the weekly cooking session.


Our professional ballet teacher engages the children in dance, developing gross motor skills. Taking place in the Dance Studio, the children enjoy learning to interpret the music.


PE sessions in the School Hall, on the sports courts and playing fields introduce the children to games and activities designed to develop their gross motor skills and spatial awareness, and improve their balance. The children also learn about the importance of fitness and staying healthy.

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