Useful information for teachers

Staying safe

Risk assessments are already completed for the Forest School site, specific activities, and tool use. In addition, dynamic risk assessments are also undertaken with learners being involved in assessing and managing their own risk. Expectations and guidance are agreed at the beginning of a session about how to stay safe on the site. These are revisited frequently and checked with individuals whenever necessary. Everyone who comes to Forest School is expected to wear appropriate clothing and footwear for the environment and the time of year. Protective gloves are provided when needed and appropriate supervision is in place for each task or activity.

Evaluation and Feedback

Throughout the block of sessions there will be ongoing dialogue between the visiting school and the Forest School Practitioner to ensure that needs and expectations are being met. The Forest School process is one of constant reflection and adaptation to meet the needs of the learners so discussion and modifying plans is encouraged. The learners are encouraged to evaluate and make requests to inform planning for the next session but discussion with adults after the session and at the mid and end points of the block will also be part of our evaluation and planning process.

Alice Rassell, Forest School Leader

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