Focus of sessions

What areas can we focus on in sessions and how?

Teamwork – den building, games, group activities, paired activities

Wellbeing – mindfulness practices, positive interactions, process over product, 1:1 interactions with adults, play

Deep concentration – fire lighting, whittling, learner-led activities

Enjoyment and Motivation – choice of activities, games, cooking, shared group experiences, play

Positive self-esteem – positive ethos, resilience and confidence building activities, help to achieve success, reflection at the end of the session, 1:1 positive adult interaction, a positive view of themselves as a learner is encouraged

Perseverance – tree climbing, den building, crafting, tool use, fire lighting, whittling

Problem solving – in tasks learners are encouraged to try, evaluate and work out how they can do something and what they need to succeed

Emotional literacy – opportunities to discuss feelings and how things make them feel, discussion of the feelings of others in resolving disputes, use of the natural world to explore feelings

Negotiation skills –opportunities to play, keep games going, resolve disputes or problems collaboratively, request and explain activity choices

Resilience – tenacity is encouraged and supported, ethos of learning from mistakes, actives are low-stakes and self-chosen, to reflect on the positives learnt from at the end of it

Positive relationships

  • with themselves – to reflect on successes, enjoyment, feel heard and valued,
  • with others – collaborative work, friendships fostered, memories made,
  • with the natural world. – learning about how to look after it, what lives there, things to marvel at, happy times and memories of the natural world lead to individuals who realise its importance and why it needs protecting.

Risk taking – taking a risk and being allowed to make mistakes without fear of failure, support with self-assessing risk for tree climbing, den building, cooking on the fire, moving around the site

Speaking and listening – sharing new skills with others, listening and talking in turns at the log circle

Physical activity – games, tree climbing, den building, whittling

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