never shall i ever forget you by Jamila Gavin

Summer reading recommendations

7 July 2023

never shall i ever forget you by Jamila Gavin

I was talking to a parent yesterday who was looking to buy some books for her daughter to read over the summer. I thought that was wonderful!! There are some excellent books out there and the school library can’t possibly stock them all – though I do my best! If you’re also looking for ideas, my recommendations for summer reading are available on the Parents Portal on the website. There is also a link for parents via the St Mary’s app in The Hub, under School Website – Current Parents Web Pages.

My recommendations focus on books stocked within the school library which I know to be widely available for those wishing to purchase.

Never Forget You by Jamila Gavin (see image) is one of them. It’s based on a true story and whilst I found it a little slow at the start, it soon had me gripped and read it at record pace. Heart-breaking and heart-warming at the same time.

Students can also log in and find reviews on the library app – they can post reviews too and I’ll always be delighted to hear from anyone wanting to share a recommended read.

I hope you all have a perfect summer – rain or shine – happy reading!

Mrs Cassell, Librarian


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