International Women's Day 2023 celebrated

International Women’s Day 2023 celebrated

8 March 2023

It’s International Women’s Day! The Lower School girls started the day with an assembly centered around celebrating women’s achievement. Pupils were set the challenge of finding the IWD posters displayed around the school which showcase inspirational women. If the girls recalled a fact about one of these women, and shared it with a teacher, they were awarded a house point for inquisitiveness.

At the Senior School, the girls have been focusing on ‘Family Herstory’. The Year 7 and Year 8 girls have been delving into the history of females in their families, discovering and sharing interesting stories. These included a Great Great Aunt who was among the first to join the Dutch Resistance during the Second World War; a Great Great Grandma who was one of the first women to be elected as a Town Councillor; and the events of a Great Great Grandma who led a very difficult life as a single parent and carer for her mother, whilst holding down a rather unpleasant job in a cigarette factory! The girls have also been given reading recommendations from Librarian, Mrs Cassell on the Library web app, which recognise, celebrate and debate women’s achievements.

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