Senior School Sports Reports wc 7 November 2022

11 November 2022

Wednesday 9 November – Sports Leaders to Year 3 and 4 Change for Life Festival

For our Sport Leaders event we were taken to Thurstable School and were given the opportunity to become coaches for primary school students. The programme was called Change For Life and in groups of two we were paired with a school. We did 7 different sport activities; our main aim was to get them doing physical activity and making sure they were having fun whilst doing it.

We tried to involve them as much as we could and put them into teams so they could encourage one another and be part of a winning group. Everyone enjoyed doing this as it was nice to be passing on our skills and knowledge to the children and seeing them smile and thrive whilst doing it.

Some of the girls said: “It was very fun and enjoyable. It was good to focus on my leadership skills and it was fun teaching them new sports” “It taught us life skills about managing and being a leader. It was also nice to teach the activities and be on the other end and coach them instead of learning” “I liked seeing them improve their confidence throughout time and how encouraging of each other they were” “I adapted my skills to their level and had fun doing it. I also found it rewarding to see how the children developed a sense of confidence and came out of their shell more over time”.

Overall, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the morning as it let us have a sense of independence, leadership whilst also letting us have fun and enjoy the sports we were teaching.

Rosie, Year 9

Thursday 10 November – ISA Schools’ Swimming Gala

Well done to the girls who came first as a team in the Independent Schools Association (ISA) Swimming Gala in Ipswich! All the girls performed brilliantly. Congratulations to Jodie, Issy, Gaby T, Ella, Gaby C and Jasmine for gaining individual wins:

Jodie: fly

Issy: breaststroke

Gaby T: back crawl

Ella: 200 IM

Gaby C: back crawl

Jasmine: breaststroke

These students qualify for the ISA Nationals on 3 December, and others may be selected for the ISA relay team when this is confirmed. 

Miss Middleditch, PE Teacher

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