Girls at Lower School aspire to their dream jobs

8 July 2022

Pupils at St Mary’s Lower School were encouraged to think about their future selves and what their dream jobs might be for a ‘Future You’ day on Friday 24 June.

Girls from the Preparatory (Reception) class through to Year 6 at St Mary’s looked fantastic dressed up as their future selves or dream job roles for a pupil-led Charity Committee event to raise money for the local charity, Tree of Hope – Grace Beverton fund and the Rainbow Trust national children’s charity, whilst encouraging the pupils to think about their aspirations for the future.

Through a variety of activities in class, the steps needed to persevere and progress towards the girls’ goals, dreams and aspirations were promoted. Pupils were encouraged to dream big, set goals, challenge the gender stereotypes and most importantly take action to achieve their dreams. Girls came dressed as a variety of roles from doctors and sportswomen to artists, explorers and scientists!

“I was delighted with how well the girls engaged with our ‘Future You’ day” said Mrs Emma Stanhope, Head of St Mary’s Lower School. “They really thought long and hard about what they wanted to do in the future, both in terms of their dream jobs and who they, as determined girls, wanted to become as they grow older. There is a need for women to play a greater role in the world of work and society as a whole. At St Mary’s we actively promote female role models as research shows that it is instrumental in showing girls that anything is possible.”

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