Lower School Sports Report wc 1 November 2021

5 November 2021

Wednesday 3 November

U11 Netball v Colchester High School 

On the A Team, the players were Millie G, Ebun, Audrey, Sophie L, Amelia A, Jodie and Kitty. We played the match at St Mary’s against Colchester High. Amelia A was crowned player of the match. We went into the first quarter not feeling too strong but in the second quarter we came back a bit stronger. In the third and fourth quarters we scored some more goals leaving the match results at 10 to Colchester High and 6 to St Mary’s.

Jodie, Year 6 (A Team Captain)


The B Team all worked together well and we never stopped trying our best. Even though Colchester High played really well, we still kept on going and always played the greatest we can. The final score was 2-2.

Player of the match was awarded to Elsa.

Karina, Year 6 (B Team Captain)

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