New reading lists

14 June 2021

Whilst it’s so hot, I long to settle down in a cool place with a good book so with that thought in mind I’ve just sent Years 7 and 8 another short book list of reading ideas. All the books suggested are available from the library on request.

I was going to pick out a favourite, but my mind kept returning to an earlier list and ‘The House of Eyes’ by Patricia Elliott. It’s set in 1909 and is the story of a young girl who investigates when someone turns up claiming to be her cousin who went missing years ago. It has an engaging heroine, a strong plot and is ideal for those who want to read a satisfying mystery with an historical setting, reminiscent of the period setting in the ‘Murder Most Unladylike’ series by Robin Stevens.

I can’t get away from lists although I’ve simply sent Years 9 and 10 an updated link to a review magazine whilst I work on something more. It’s packed with reading ideas… there certainly isn’t a shortage of good books!

Updated reading lists can be found on the curriculum page.

Mrs Cassell, Librarian

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