National Poetry Day

1 October 2020

The last time I posted I was in lockdown at home looking ahead to National Poetry Day with its theme of vision. Now it’s here I’m back in the library with an unexpected vision of my own! Happily, it should become a reality within a week or so as plans to introduce new working ways for the library come to fruition. In the meantime, I’ve put together new recommended reading lists which can be found here

I do hope you make time to read and share some poetry today. It’s so expressive and a few lines of something heartfelt can be so good for the heart and soul
The girls can share some poetry with me, via email, if they would like to. I’d actually love that!

Why National Poetry Day matters (Benjamin Zephaniah):

“National Poetry Day helps people discover poetry: it doesn’t just get them thinking about poetry, it gets them thinking about the world.

If I want to know what a woman’s life is like, say, where can I go? I could listen to the government and I’d get a bland version of it, or I could look at some statistics, but if I want to know what they feel like when they get up in the morning, and what they feel like when they have children, or what they feel that when they go to the bathroom, poetry will tell me a lot more.”

Read how poetry saved Benjamin Zephaniah’s life – in his words – on the National Poetry Day blog

Mrs Cassell, Librarian

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