St Mary’s girls carry out acts of kindness for Mental Health Awareness Week

22 May 2020

Mental Health Awareness Week, 18-24 May is particularly important this year with added worries about coronavirus and how it will affect ourselves and those we love. Students at St Mary’s have been embracing the theme of ‘kindness’ by making thoughtful gestures and reaching out to others in their communities. 

The girls have been litter picking, going food shopping, baking cakes, biscuits and pies for elderly residents, designing greetings cards and postcards for grandparents and neighbours who are self-isolating, as well as delivering afternoon teas and roast dinners to friends who are feeling lonely.

Wellbeing Co-ordinator, Miss Jo Middleditch highlighted “At St Mary’s, a huge emphasis is placed on maintaining a healthy mindset as well as good physical health. This is particularly prominent at this difficult time, when many of the girls are missing seeing family and friends. In addition to the benefits to those being helped by these acts of kindness, these initiatives can help the students create a sense of belonging and reduce feelings of isolation, and help to reduce stress. It can give a fresh perspective and deepens friendships as well as boosting self-esteem.”

To ensure our pupils thrive, the staff encourage the girls to feel confident, relaxed and secure. Pastoral support is at the centre of all we do, this is formally recognised by the national Wellbeing Award for Schools which St Mary’s received in 2018. The atmosphere at the school is calm, supportive and nurturing. Every student is valued and the girls are not afraid to have a go at something new, to take risks or put themselves forward to be a leader. With an expert understanding of educating girls, we are able to provide students with the pastoral care and safe environment they need to truly blossom.

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