Lower School Sports Report: Netball match verses Parson’s Heath

27 February 2020

By Natalie and Rebecca, Year 6

On Wednesday 26th February 2020, despite the cold, both teams played excellently and had a brilliant result of 23-1 for the league match and 9-2 for the friendly match.

The friendly match team worked really well together, swiftly passing the ball down the court to shoot and fiercely defending against the opposition. The player of the match was Martha- Louise.

The team consisted of:

Lily , Rebecca, Elizabeth, Zoe, Sofia, Amelia, Evie, Cariney, Martha-Louise, Isabella, Ella, Carys, Beatrice and Niamh. All of these people worked really hard to do their best and succeeded.

The league match played really well together shooting countless goals as well as defending and marking tightly, only letting the opposition get one goal. The player of the match was Poppy.

The team consisted of Natalie, Poppy, Elizabeth, Sienna, Lilian, Tomisin  and Eva. All three of these people worked really hard to their best and succeeded by getting the score of 23 hoops.

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