Girl in a classroom at Prep Class At St Mary's Colchester in Essex

Pupils Participate in University of Cambridge’s Nrich Team’s Collaborative Problem Solving Activity

14 November 2019

On Wednesday 13 November, Year 5 and 6 pupils took part in an attempt by the University of Cambridge’s Nrich team to have the most learners collaborating on a problem at the same time. This webinar was part of a week of problem solving activities carried out by pupils across the Lower School to celebrate Maths Week England.

The pupils participated in a problem solving activity to test and improve their estimating skills and their understanding of volume. They then went on to apply this learning to answer the questions ‘how many teddies in a jar?’ and ‘how many teddies can fit in your classroom?’

The pupils discussed the problem, working together mathematically, testing hypotheses and explaining their findings. The girls also used this information to devise extension questions which were submitted during the live chat and which will be used in follow up sessions.

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