Girl in a classroom at Prep Class At St Mary's Colchester in Essex

Inspiring visit from author Lisa Thompson

25 October 2019

Lisa Thompson’s visit yesterday was very inspiring and those of us lucky enough to hear her talk were left in no doubt about the power of imagination. Lisa came across with warmth and humour as she talked about her interest in writing – which was sparked by a teacher at a very young age – and went on to reveal a little of her early career in BBC radio where she worked with some very famous personalities and actors.

However she hasn’t looked back since taking the decision to sit down and fulfil her ambition to write her first book. As expected she spoke about her inspirations and distractions and the various stages of the publishing process hoping to send the girls away “excited about writing their own stories” and “finding their own ideas”. However the adults involved didn’t anticipate so many questions from the audience who were very keen to share – we sadly ran out of time before Lisa could answer them all.

Undeniably helpful for many English lessons to come!

Mrs Cassell, Librarian

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