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Review of The La’Lun by John Harris

10 June 2019

This time last year we were getting ready for a visit from storyteller John Harris. Since then John has written a book for teens called The La’Lun that he sent me just before publication last autumn. I intended to review it then as it proved to be a wonderful tale which I highly recommend.
It’s the story of Camille who discovers a secret that her grandmother has protected for decades. She knows that there will be terrible consequences if the truth gets out. As the blurb says – ‘this is a story about love and loyalty, truth and lies. Real news, fake news and how far you’d go to protect what you love.’ More than that is difficult to convey without giving a plot spoiler!

Part fantasy but more mystery with a grounding of folk-lore, the book has a few tiny flaws but is nevertheless a delightful read. It won’t suit a reader who’s looking for violence, thrills and adult themes but it ticks all the boxes for those wanting a gentle, well written read that should make them smile.

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