Girl in a classroom at Prep Class At St Mary's Colchester in Essex

Blast off for Lower School Science Day!

19 May 2017


A jaw-dropping assembly led by Science Boffin Martin, launched Lower School Science Day on 18 May.

Martin made elephant toothpaste, which demonstrated a captivating scientific reaction and taught the girls about air pressure with hilarious results, including flying toilet roll! The older girls took part in a States of Matter workshop involving dry ice and ‘ice cream’. Very tasty!

The younger girls enjoyed making their own rockets and learning how they fly. Our morning concluded with Science Boffin Martin launching a rocket 600ft into the sky over the field. We saw it land with the help of a trusty parachute.

In the afternoon, the girls got into their houses to experience a range of thrilling experiments led by the Lower School teachers. Some of the experiments included making slime, an exploding fountain, ‘milktastic’ fun and magical moving tin cans. 



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