Kindergarten Life

Children in our Kindergarten feel safe and happy – in this environment they are able to develop their personalities and focus on early learning.

Preparation for joining

Before joining the Kindergarten you and your child are welcome to visit us so that you can both become familiar with our environment and our staff. This is also an ideal opportunity to discuss your child’s learning experiences so far with our experienced EYFS staff. This helps us to make sure that, together, we are meeting your child’s needs exactly and can continue to do so throughout his or her time with us in Kindergarten.


‘Key person’

A member of staff is assigned to your child, monitoring his or her progress and well-being at all times. If you have any questions about your child’s development at the Kindergarten, the ‘key person’ is your first point of contact and will be happy to meet with you.



St Mary’s Kindergarten pupils wear a uniform, which is not only practical and comfortable but helps your child feel that he or she really belongs in the Kindergarten. Also, of course, learning to put on uniform is good preparation for school. 

Uniform is available from the St Mary’s School Shop and can be ordered online using the online school shop on the school website, or collected in person from the shop at the Senior School, having made an appointment via the Senior School office. On joining the school, children and their parents often arrange for a full uniform fitting at the shop. Girls wear the St Mary’s summer dress from May half-term to October half-term, when they change to the pinafore with yellow shirt and blue pullover for the winter months. Boys wear blue school uniform shorts or trousers with the St Mary’s polo shirt and blue pullover.

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