Kindergarten Admissions

Girls and boys may join St Mary's Kindergarten at the start of the term in which their third birthdays fall. Children begin with a minimum of two core days each week and it is recommended that he number of sessions builds towards transfer to school to help your child to become familiar with the structure and length of a school day. Children may join us all year round or just during the school term-times. Extra sessions can be booked on an ad hoc basis, depending on availability.


Coming along to our Open Days is a good way to begin to get to know St Mary’s Kindergarten in the first instance - our Registrar and Kindergarten team will be happy to show you around the Kindergarten on a working day and answer your questions prior to your child joining us. Please contact our Registrar for more information, or complete the online Enquiry Form.




The next step is to register your child by completing the Registration Form, which is available from the Registrar, and paying a non-returnable Registration Fee of £50. 



Acceptance of a place

Places in the Kindergarten are offered in the term prior to your child joining us. To accept the place, we ask parents to complete and sign the Acceptance Form, issued by the Registrar, and return it to the school along with an Entry Deposit of £50, which is returned when your child leaves us (subject to meeting the terms and conditions issued along with the offer). Once a place is accepted, the requested sessions will be confirmed. 



Familiarisation session

Close to the time of joining, your son or daughter will be invited to take part in a Familiarisation Session, to help your child to feel settled in the Kindergarten and make for a smoother transition from home or nursery to Kindergarten. Parents are also welcome to discuss their child’s learning experiences with the Kindergarten team to make sure that, together, we are giving your child the best possible start in education.



Pupils at St Mary's Kindergarten wear a practical uniform, so prior to your child joining the Kindergarten, we recommend you make an appointment for a fitting at our Uniform Shop at the Senior School, or order items from the Online School Shop.

Once your child has joined the Kindergarten, he or she will have a nominated ‘key person’ – a member of staff assigned to your child who will monitor his or her progress and well-being as soon as he or she starts and throughout his or her time in the Kindergarten, who is the first point of contact if you have any questions or concerns.


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