Remote learning

As always, St Mary’s prides itself on offering a first class curriculum. Throughout any periods of lockdown and when necessary for pupils to work from home due to having to isolate for example, we continue to offer an inspiring curriculum online for all our pupils, to ensure that continuity in teaching and learning enables our pupils to reach their academic goals and develop their skills and knowledge.

At the Lower School (Prep to Year 6), all pupils have between 3-4 hours teaching each day with a range of optional extra-curricular activities in addition. We understand that with parents also working from home a flexible approach is needed. Throughout the school, class teachers will keep in regular contact with each family to offer support if needed.

In Key Stage 1, pupils access teaching videos prepared by their teachers on a daily basis via the Tapestry platform. In addition, a minimum of two real time Zoom lessons are conducted each day.

In Key Stage 2, pupils access live ‘face to face’ teaching of lessons via Microsoft Teams with a few modifications the timetable for a day mirrors that of a normal day in school.

In the Senior School (Year 7 to 11), all pupils receive their normal timetable in real time via Microsoft Teams. Our approach also provides opportunities across all the age ranges for time away from the screen to focus on the ‘all round education’ that makes St Mary’s so special. Students have regular time with their form tutors and support from their Head of Year.

Examples include:

  • Challenge Weeks
  • Round Square IDEALS weeks
  • Competitions
  • Yoga and relaxation
  • A regular Wellbeing Newsletter
  • Online conferences
  • Quizzes

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