School Houses

The House system at St Mary’s aims to engender a sense of identity in the school, to encourage teamwork across the year groups and to foster respect between the students.

When joining St Mary’s, every girl and every member of staff is allocated to one of the four houses: Abbeygate, Balkernegate, Headgate, Scheregate. Students and staff remain in their houses throughout their time at St Mary’s Lower School and Senior School. House badges are part of the school uniform. Each house has its own House Officials.

The houses compete during the year at various sporting and fun events (including Sports Day) and throughout the year housepoints are awarded for:

  • Good pieces of work
  • Perseverance in coping with a difficult subject area
  • Consistent effort over time
  • Exceptional helpfulness
  • Significant improvement in any area of school life

Housepoints may be deducted where deemed necessary.

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