Extra-Curricular Activities Information

Our range of clubs and activities offers girls the chance to discover and develop new talents and interests.


A comprehensive Clubs Booklet is distributed at the end of the Summer Term so that girls may choose their clubs ready for the start of a new academic year. It is very helpful if parents can make their requests for their daughters as promptly as possible. If your daughter would like to join a club at any other point in the school year, please speak to the office staff who will be able to let you know which clubs have available spaces. It is important that girls attend clubs for the right reasons. Girls who not show commitment may be asked to leave, to make space for those who may appreciate it more. Most clubs finish at 4.30pm. Girls should be collected on time please.

Some after-school clubs are run by external providers, including:

  • Ballet: Miss Stephanie takes ballet lessons in school for pupils in.
  • Kindergarten and Prep and also on a Thursday after school.
  • Theatre Arts Academy: This popular drama club is run by external drama teacher Karen Binks. Performances are staged throughout the year.
  • LAMDA: Girls are offered the opportunity to prepare for the LAMDA external drama examinations by professional actor Millie Binks.
  • Karate: Peter Shaw runs the popular after-school Karate clubs for a variety of age groups. Participants are prepared for grading examinations.
  • Tennis: Tennis professional Ashley Ford coaches after school.

Please be aware that the school is not responsible for the organisation of clubs run by external providers.

Children’s University

Many of the clubs and activities run in school have been validated by the Children’s University – a national scheme that encourages young people to use their free time profitably and make use of available opportunities. Girls may purchase Children’s University ‘passports to learning’ (log books), which are signed as confirmation that clubs have been attended. Once girls have achieved certain milestones in attendance, they are invited to ‘graduate’ from the Children’s University at a ceremony held at Essex University.

Instrumental lessons

The school has a team of peripatetic music teachers, who teach a variety of orchestral instruments, as well as voice. Music lessons are scheduled during the school day – lessons are missed in rotation, although English and Mathematics lessons will never be missed. To arrange music lessons, parents should contact the relevant peripatetic music teacher directly – contact details can be found in the clubs booklet, or the School Office will be able to put you in touch. If your daughter wishes to stop learning an instrument in school, a term’s notice must be given.

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