St Mary's Kindergarten, private nursery, Colchester, Essex

Absence and Medical

It is important that school records are complete and up-to-date, in the event that parents need to be contacted urgently. It is the responsibility of parents to notify the Kindergarten Manager if there are any changes.

If your child is unwell

Parents are asked to telephone the Kindergarten on 01206 594267 by 9.30 if their son or daughter is unwell and will not be attending Kindergarten. A child who has vomited or has an upset tummy must be absent from Kindergarten for 48 hours to ensure a full recovery.

A child starting a course of antibiotics must also be absent for 48 hours to allow for the antibiotics to start working. This minimises the opportunity for infection in the Kindergarten.

Illness at school

A child who is ill during the school day will be isolated from the other children and parents will be contacted to collect.

Other absences

Kndergarten Manager if their child is to be absent from Kindergarten for any other reason, so that a note can be made on the register.


Only medication prescribed by a doctor may be administered in Kindergarten. The medicine must be handed directly to a Kindergarten Practitioner and a permission form must be completed. Parents should collect medication either at the end of each day or at the end of the course of treatment. Please note that a child taking antibiotics must be absent from Kindergarten for 48 hours to allow for the medicine to work.

Medical needs

The parents of a child who requires an inhaler or an epi-pen must complete a Care Plan.

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