Year 7 activities and photos

Despite the fact that the Year 7 girls cannot be in the French Alps for the annual Activities Week, in true St Mary’s spirit, there has been an extensive selection of challenges put together to enthuse everyone to come out of their comfort zone and try something they have not done before. Entrants have the chance to win prizes and House Points for activities completed from the list below:

In the garden
At home
Out and about
Home or away
Set up a feeding station
Make a face mask
Create a piece of artwork with materials found on the beach
Five-day photo challenge
Train a robin
Revamp a pair of old flip flops
Litter picking
RSPCA Young Photographer Competition
Nature weaving
Pet spa day
Create a mobile to hang in a tree using natural materials
Alphabet photograph challenge
Flower arranging
Bake a batch of dog treats
Take part in the great British Wildflower Hunt
Car wash
Garden makeover challenge
Create a jar of positivity
Pet portrait
Make something edible from the garden
Cheesecake challenge
Foliage collage or picture
Train your dog
Make your dog a smart bandana
Make a toy for your pet
Watch the clouds
Learn a new language
Fitness-based warm-up
Build a temporary den
Create an international collage
Complete 4000 steps in a day
Stone decoration
Create a visitors’ guide to Britain in 2020 for teenagers
Complete fit-opoly game
Make a pooter
Design a piece of street art with a message
Go for a run and record the route on a fitness tracker
Compose and perform a ‘Song for Change’
Fitness streak challenge
Make an invention or musical instrument
Target practice
Create some ‘Round Square glasses’ to show how you view the world
Complete an online workout
Make a 50-piece jigsaw
Play a sporting game
Be a teacher for the day
Create your own 8 station circuit training session
Create a culturally significant dish
Create your own Flow workout
Design a quiz
Create and choreograph a dance routine
Tie-dye a t-shirt
Design and build a board game
Nancy Rothwell Award for specimen drawing

Challenge Week Year 7 photo gallery

The below gallery shows some examples of the activities the girls have taken part in:

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