Personal, Social, Health Education, including Citizenship and Careers, is valued by the students and ensures that they are prepared to make informed decisions at appropriate stages of their lives. Many lessons involve in-depth discussions - students voice their opinions and are encouraged to listen, value and be sympathetic to the views of others.

Communication, social and life skills are developed so that students leave St Mary's as confident, articulate, mature young women, with high self-esteem. These qualities stand them in good stead throughout their lives and are valued by employers. Careers Advice is also given and there is preparation for further education, ensuring a smooth transference to the sixth form of the students' choice.

PSHE lessons give us the opportunity to discuss topics and ideas and allow us time to voice our opinions in a relaxed atmosphere. This has helped me to develop confidence as well as communication, social and life skills which will help me now and in the future.

Year 11 student


Years 7, 8 and 9

Personal, Social, Health Education aims to cover the following topics with a view to preparing students to make informed decisions at the appropriate stages in the future:

  • Personal Relationships
  • Health Education and Hygiene
  • Citizenship
  • Careers and the World of Work

There are plenty of opportunities for in-depth discussions on the topics above. Students are encouraged to voice their opinions and also to listen, to value and be sympathetic to the views of others.


Years 10 and 11

The final two years at St Mary's prepare girls for the future - not only academically, but in all aspects. PSHE lessons provide an opportunity for girls to discuss the more personal and social aspects of life in preparation for the future.

Careers advice is available throughout students' time at St Mary's and specific skills in writing letters of application, compiling Curriculum Vitaes and interview techniques are developed in Year 11. Practice interviews are conducted.



A 'Buddy' system is in place so that girls joining St Mary's have the support of a Year 8 student to ensure a smooth transition from primary to secondary education. The Buddies take their roles seriously and with pride. They lend a helping hand, or provide a friendly smile and generally help new students to settle in at school. Buddy work starts in the Summer Term, with an initial meeting on New Parents' Afternoon and continues with the organising of parties at Christmas and Summer BBQs.



Girls in Years 10 and 11 are elected and trained to support pastoral care at St Mary's. They volunteer during breaks and lunchtimes to support girls in whatever way is required.


Outside speakers

From Police Community Support Officers to hospital surgeons, we welcome experts from outside school to come in and impart their knowledge and experience to our students. Mock interviews assist with sixth form and job applications.


pshe staff
Head of PSHE Mrs Jude Johnson BEd (Hons)
Teacher Mrs Lisa Gibbs
Teacher Miss Jo Middleditch

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