Kindergarten Day

The Kindergarten day is designed around our pupils, to make sure that they are at their most receptive to all the opportunities for learning and development on offer.

Daily routine

The Kindergarten Core Day starts at 8.30am and finishes at 3.30pm. Children may join us for the morning session, including lunch, and there are sessions before and after the Core Day which are of use to busy families.


Good morning

The children arrive and start the day in a group together, either with a story or a ‘show and tell’ session. Then the day is made up of a variety of activities, mixing academic and more practical tasks to engage the children’s interest and attention. At St Mary’s Kindergarten, boys and girls constantly move forward in their learning. Programmes are put in place for individual children in order that our Early Years practioners can develop each and every child to reach his or her full potential.



There are regular opportunities for Kindergarten children to run, climb and play in their own secure outdoor area, throughout the Kindergarten day. Through gardening, making dens and scrambling on the play equipment they develop their gross and fine motor skills while they enjoy the fresh air.



The children have a mid-morning snack of milk or water and fruit, which they help prepare themselves. Every day, Kindergarten children eat a hot school lunch, which is prepared by the school’s own catering team and is always healthy, nutritious - and tasty! A weekly menu is displayed in the entrance to the Kindergarten for parents to see. Any dietary requirements are catered for. At lunchtime, children sit at the table and eat together with their teachers. This is an ideal time to encourage good table manners and social skills and to discuss the foods the children are eating.


Afternoon activities

After lunch, the children have a quiet rest time, with a chance to sleep.

The Kindergarten afternoon sessions offer lively activities, including Forest School (exploring the local environment in and around the outdoor classroom), ballet, French, drama and sport. The Core Day finishes with a group session.


Wraparound Care

Before the Core Day, children may join us from 7.30am for a session including breakfast, and may stay afterwards until 6.30pm, with tea included.

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