Food and Nutrition

Food and Nutrition is an exciting and rewarding subject. Students learn how to select a nutritious diet and achieve a healthy lifestyle in line with current government guidelines. At the same time, they acquire skills which enable them to make a wide range of delicious dishes. They also gain an understanding of food safety and hygiene and learn how to prepare, cook and present food: valuable lessons which they will use throughout their lives.

  • To introduce students to safety and hygiene, nutrition and healthy eating in a practical way that is easy for them to remember
  • To develop a positive relationship with food confidence to use a range of ingredients creatively
  • To develop life skills for the future
  • To develop organisation and time management skills
  • To look at the effects of different cultures and dietary requirements on food choice
  • To safely use a wide range of equipment in the preparation and cooking of food


Years 8 and 9

All students study Food and Nutrition. Students learn a wide range of practical and organisational skills, enabling them to produce high-quality food products, which meet national targets and encourage good health.

In Year 8 one-hour lessons are focused on developing skills and good practice in the kitchen.

In Year 9 students have 12 weeks or one term of two-hour lessons on rotation with Textiles to further develop practical and organisational skills to produce high quality food products which meet nutritional targets and promote good health. In the final term of Year 9, the girls study either Textiles or Food depending upon their preference / GCSE choices.



Students have the option to study Hospitality and Catering at GCSE - WJEC Eduqas Level 1 and 2. 

For more information about the current GCSE syllabus, please download the latest St Mary's GCSE Options Guide:

food and nutrition staff
Head of Food and Nutrition Mrs Helen Lally CertEd PGCE

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