Developing Characters

Every afternoon at the Kindergarten children take part in an activity, often led by a specialist teacher, that is designed to stimulate their bodies as well as their minds, and to help develop their personalities.


Miss Stephanie’s ballet classes are a highlight of the week. Taking place in the Drama Studio, children are introduced to the techniques of ballet and also enjoy learning to interpret the music.



Every week the children create a tasty treat, thinking about the ingredients and helping to weigh and measure.



The children enjoy drama lessons in the school’s professional Drama Studio with a qualified drama teacher. These sessions are great fun and give the children plenty of opportunities to stretch their imaginations - as well as their legs – and to build their confidence.


Forest School

Children explore the natural environment in a safe setting, learning about the flora and fauna, enjoying physical activities and challenges and working together.



Madame Heather, the school’s French teacher, introduces the children to the basics of spoken French, using fun songs and stories.  



Music sessions are run by the school’s music teacher and give the children a taste of music-making, using a variety of percussion instruments as well as singing songs.



Our physical education sessions encourage the children to be active and to take part in stimulating games and activities that introduce practical skills and techniques as well as providing exercise either indoors or outdoors.

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