Our lively studio is the perfect creative environment for St Mary's artists to refine their ideas and use a range of media to create artworks that are intelligent and considered. We encourage good practice, responsibilty, independent learning, imaginative ideas and a personal response to set topics and themes, which help to prepare students for GCSE.

In the artroom, students work alongside each other and their teachers to create their own art using continually updated resources. As well as developing their artistic techniques, they are encouraged to relate to the modern world and to appreciate and understand other cultures.


Years 7, 8, 9

Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 follow a foundation course in art, with a one-hour lesson each week. Students are also welcome to make use of the art studio at most lunchtimes. The balanced curriculum covers work with formal elements, such as colour, tone, composition, design, proportion, perspective, form and media. An historical and contextual element is also introduced to the course through the work of different genres in Art. We look at how different artists have worked in a whole variety of media.

The students are assessed by the St Mary's steps and standards giving them an understanding of where they need to set targets in order for them to achieve the next step. Homework is only set as a necessity where this research or resource will feed in and greatly improve the standards of students' studio practice. Each term-based project produces a practical outcome in either 2D or 3D work. The students produce a very high standard of practical artwork which is often displayed around the school.


GCSE Art & Design 

Art & Design is an optional GCSE subject. The course followed is Fine Art Edexcel 1FAO/01&02, Lens and Light-based media (Photography) Edexcel 1PY)/01&02.

For more information about the current GCSE syllabus, please download the latest St Mary's GCSE Options Guide:

Clubs & Activities

The Department is always forward looking by booking trips to the most influential exhibitions, leading trips to London and Prague. Students also get opportunities to visit galleries on international trips with other staff and departments. We have visiting artists who lead workshops such as Kendra Haste teaching sculpture and Owen Lennox teaching portraiture.

The department encourages the year 9 students to begin their GCSE coursework early. We offer GCSE club to all year 9 students interested in pursuing this subject, (even if they decide not to choose Art an as option). We offer regular Art clubs at lunchtimes as well as GCSE support club during form times and after school.

We have a very proud tradition of entering competitions, both locally and nationally. Some of the best of the students' work is shown in our Dining Room gallery and we aim to exhibit work by every student in Years 7 to 9.

Head of Art Mr John Saunders BA PGCE
Art Teacher Mrs Florence Lazos
Art Technician Miss Ashleagh Hurren

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