Academic Departments

Our academic curriculum is at the centre of the St Mary's education and is designed to encourage girls to engage with their lessons and maximise their learning.

The majority of subjects are taught in form or house groups in Years 7 and 8, although Maths is set at the end of the first term in Year 7 so that girls can work at the speed that best suits them.

All girls joining the school in Year 7 learn French from the beginning. At end of Year 7, after taster sessions in Spanish and German, girls select a second language to study from Year 8. French is taught in sets in Year 8.

Science begins with a general course in Years 7 and 8, with the choice of Double or Triple Science at GCSE, which is studied from Year 9.

Classical Civilisation is taught throughout Years 7, 8 and 9 and there is an option to take GCSE Classics.

Textiles is taught weekly in Years 7 and 8 and then in alternate blocks with Food and Nutrition in Year 9.

Religious Studies, PE and PSHCE continue to be studied by all girls throughout Years 7 to 11. RS and PE are also popular GCSE options.

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